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Cigar City Management Family at SXSW 2019

The following artists from the Cigar City Management Family will be in Austin during SXSW 2019.

To inquire about showcase booking, interview requests, live sessions, or other opportunities at SXSW please contact

Big Bliss

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Very rarely these days does a band enter our lives with the ability to speak to every corner of the heart. Brooklyn trio Big Bliss navigate the beauties and pains of the human experience on their new LP, At Middle Distance, out now via Exit Stencil Records. Big Bliss is the beautifully ruminating post-punk brainchild of brothers Tim (vox, guitar) and Cory Race (drums), later forming the band with friend and collaborator Wallace May (bass). After the 2016 release of their debut EP, Keep Near (Exit Stencil Records), motives and motivations shifted, and it became pretty difficult not to see the name Big Bliss on a show bill. Tireless efforts and undeniable passion on and off the stage landed the band on five tours, and earned them the title of Oh My Rockness’s "Hardest Working Band of 2017."

"It’s a relatable notion that Big Bliss fiercely captures their raw, gritty sound. The anxious vocals and guitars feel as though they’re ready to break free from societal norms to create their own unique identity. And from what we can hear, they’ve done just that." - The Wild Honey Pie

"Heavy bass thumps make for a strong introduction to Big Bliss‘s latest and a direct conduit to second waves of post punk." - All Things Go

"Since 2015, this group has been on the rise, releasing single after single and evolving their sound into the kind that can be both ‘anxiety-ridden’ and 'ruminating.'" - Billboard

"Glistening, energetic continuation of what Robert Smith so eloquently popularized in the late 1970s." - Noisey

Death Hags

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DEATH HAGS is the multifaceted project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean. Taking inspiration from artists and producers like Brian Eno or Björk who forge their own musical path, the music of DEATH HAGS travels between worlds, mixing French and English lyrics, catchy melodies and guitar riffs with minimal electronic sounds.
Born in the French Alps, Lola lives mostly as a recluse in the hills of East Los Angeles and records a lot of her material in her home studio. On stage DEATH HAGS can take many forms, from solo electronic sets to full band performances.
Following a first single “Metal Teeth” released on Burger Records, a European tour, and performances at SXSW 2018 as an official artist, DEATH HAGS released her next single “Earthbound” in Fall 2018 and will drop a 12” EP later this year. She is currently working on a multimedia project and collaborating on tracks with Hunter Burgan of AFI.

"Lola Jean, the mastermind behind the project, creates an otherworldly, off-kilter vibe. Quite simply, ‘Earthbound’ is dream-pop at its finest." - Lock Mag

"The buoyant, bubbling cosmic energy exudes naturally from Jean as [Earthbound] whirs along delightfully." - Impose

"Hinting on synthpop, new wave and electroclash, the stylishness of Death Hags' music and aesthetics rises to attention with ample potential." - Destroy//Exist

A Deer A Horse

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Formed by college classmates Rebecca Satellite (vocals/guitar) and Angela Phillips (vocals/bass), A Deer A Horse came into its own with the addition of drummer Dylan Teggart. The band took a turn towards darker and heavier sounds while channeling complex lyrical content. In 2017 the band self-funded the release of their EP, Backswimmer, which drew praise from the AV Club, who compared their unlikely marriage of doom metal and vocal earworms to “the Melvins turning in a pop song, finding ways to keep a hook running through a song that’s otherwise grim and sludgy.” And in 2018, they released two singles - "Cold Shoulder" and "Double Wide" - recorded at Silver Cord Studio, home-base of metal pioneers, Gojira.

"Across its previous releases the band has turned in indie-pop, Devo-like spasms, and seemingly everything in between." - AV Club

"Brooklyn’s fiercest indie rock trio are unforgiving on their latest, most explosive and engaging work yet." - Atwood Magazine

"A Deer A Horse traverses a narrow line between aggressive, fierce punk and earworm pop." - The 405

"Sonically, the Brooklyn band’s sound matches up perfectly with [their] heavy lyrics, which triangulates somewhere between angular post-punk, atmospheric doom metal and catchy garage rock." - LEO Weekly

Fruit & Flowers

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Fruit & Flowers was born in a Bushwick loft with no air conditioning. The band wrote its debut in a furious fit of hot nights and inspired mornings, layering lush and distinctive three-part harmonies over gritty, expressive guitars and a driving rhythmic backbone. In June 2017, Fruit & Flowers released their debut EP, “Drug Tax,” via Little Dickman Records. Lead single “Out Of Touch” boasts soaring, sultry vocals, beachy surf rock riffs, and fuzzy bass. Album tracks range from the melodic, moody, and beautiful “Dark Surf” to the post-gothic title track “Drug Tax.”
Known for their powerful live shows, Fruit & Flowers were named one of NYC’s Hardest Working Bands by Oh My Rockness and have continued touring throughout the United States, performing at festivals like SXSW, Treefort Music Fest, Brite Winter Fest, Freakout Fest, and more. In Summer 2018, they embarked on their first tour of the United Kingdom. Fruit & Flowers is currently in pre-production on their follow-up to Drug Tax.

"If you go to a lot of DIY-ish shows in NYC chances are you’ve seen Fruit & Flowers, one of the hardest working new bands of the moment, making super-catchy indie rock." - Brooklyn Vegan

"Fruits and Flowers’ Drug Tax is a psychedelic trip on higher plains where waves envelope you, the sun blasts down, and you feel completely at ease as its beauty shines through." - Shockwave Magazine

"The four-piece sounds tight, lean, and mysterious, like they’re acting with purpose as opposed to figuring it out as they go." - The Le Sigh

"They’ve managed to meld the sounds of post-punk, surf rock, indie, and goth to create a sound uniquely theirs." - Sweet Static

Parrot Dream

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Parrot Dream is a Chilean-North American dream pop foursome based in Brooklyn, New York. Formed at the end of 2013 in Santiago, Chile, the band now calls NYC home, performing regularly in Brooklyn and Manhattan between touring. On August 24th, 2018 they released their debut full-length, Light Goes, via Good Eye Records.

The album was written over a span of two years and touches on themes of connection, love, memories and clarity. The driving title track immediately pulls you into the lush world of Light Goes as Appel’s hypnotic synths and wistful vocals meet Guerrero’s incendiary guitars sparking a fire that burns throughout the LP. Oscillating between uplifting and elegiac, Parrot Dream draw you in to wade in deep, kaleidoscopic pools of sound as they build up towering, crystalline crescendos.

"[D]ream-psych rockers Parrot Dream have been shaping a sound that blends their myriad experiences into something otherworldly." - Impose

"Light Goes is a fully realized album experience set to accompany and enhance whatever mood you may want to indulge and lose yourself in." - New Noise Magazine

"Sporting a lush, shoegazey pop sound that’s only too perfect for their New York dwellings, Parrot Dream are definitely a product of their times – in a very good way:" - Atwood Magazine


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Pecas is the nom de canción of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sandy Davis. She was born in Madrid, where pecas means freckles. Currently based in Brooklyn, her music resides in a space where the lights are low, hot, and red, but the music is slow and easy. Vulnerable and curious, Pecas is a shy disco diva, whose melodies emerge as a whisper, peeking through the piano’s pixels, the hovering organ, with chords like mirages behind which it is impossible for her to hide.

Recorded in her bedroom with producer John Morisi and inspired by Japanese disco, Pecas released her debut EP, After Dark, in 2018 via Broken Circles. The single, “Matchstick”, premiered on The Line of Best Fit, who called Pecas’ sound “both nostalgic and refreshingly modern” in the way it “infuses flavours from jazz, funk, indie, pop, and sparkling soul.” Currently, Pecas is writing the follow up to After Dark and performing in and around New York. Pecas embarked on a Southeastern US tour in January 2019.

"Pecas make a sultry brand of dream pop that feels not so much suited to night but crafted from it." - Various Small Flames

"Rarely is an artist able to evoke the spirit of “night time” in a way that encapsulates all its mysterious, ethereal, and melancholic characteristics as Sandy Davis does on her most recent effort, After Dark." - The Deli Magazine


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Sharkmuffin is comprised of Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch and Jordyn Blakely, a trio of Brooklynite sirens bred from the waves of the Jersey shore. Sharkmuffin adds a unique jagged edge onto ‘60s beach pop meets ‘90s alt sound, a genre lovingly dubbed by NPR as “glam-grunge.” With several cross-country tours and no shortage of EPs, Sharkmuffin has been creating a veritable whirlpool of musical chaos. Their debut LP Chartreuse (featuring Patty Schemel of Upset/Hole) is a vicious lure, featuring 10 tracks that bleed heavily with feminine rage & cheeky sass alike. In 2017, Sharkmuffin released their sophomore LP Tsuki (feat. Kim Deuss), followed by their first international tour to the U.K. Tsuki was re-released on cassette and CD via Little Dickman Records on July 13th, 2018, featuring bonus tracks "Liz Taylor" and "Your Stupid Life" (feat the current line-up) before Sharkmuffin embarked on their second tour of the United Kingdom this past August 2018.

In January 2019, Sharkmuffin went on their first European tour of Italy, France, and Switzerland. Their next EP is set to be released in spring of 2019.

"Sharkmuffin are one of the more popular garage punk bands in the Brooklyn music scene, and essential listening for fans of Screaming Females. There's a certain '90s feel to the music they make, driven by demanding but never desperate hollers." - Billboard Magazine

"Sharkmuffin are either the most glam garage band around, or the grungiest glam band around." - NPR

"Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It's rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.“ - The Village Voice