Photo Credit: Matt Allen

Photo Credit: Matt Allen

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Pecas is the nom de canción of Brooklyn-via-Madrid artist, Sandy Davis. Through pecas, Davis invites us to dance slowly, even cautiously, as she mixes gentle percussion and breathy vocals into a brand of R&B that is both seductive and sinister. Playing off of the traditional tropes of “baby-making” music, it’s characteristically silky and smooth, but it’s music to do-the-dirty to with one eye open - where “Let’s Get it On” quickly becomes “You Better Run” if listening closely enough. The combination of glittering sounds and alluring vocals is a lethal one. Pecas is a gender-bending femme fatale for a new generation.


"A silky sound infusing flavours from jazz, funk, indie, pop, and sparkling soul that's both nostalgic and refreshingly modern." - The Life Of Best Fit

"A sultry brand of dream pop that takes on a strange, otherworldly shimmer." - Various Small Flames

"Rarely is an artist able to evoke the spirit of “night time” in a way that encapsulates all its mysterious, ethereal, and melancholic characteristics." - The Deli