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Pecas is the nom de canción of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sandy Davis. She was born in Madrid, where pecas means freckles. Currently based in Brooklyn, her music resides in a space where the lights are low, hot, and red, but the music is slow and easy. Vulnerable and curious, Pecas is a shy disco diva, whose melodies emerge as a whisper, peeking through the piano’s pixels, the hovering organ, with chords like mirages behind which it is impossible for her to hide.

Recorded in her bedroom with producer John Morisi and inspired by Japanese disco, Pecas released her debut EP, After Dark, via Broken Circles. The single, “Matchstick”, premiered on The Line of Best Fit, who called Pecas’ sound “both nostalgic and refreshingly modern” in the way it “infuses flavours from jazz, funk, indie, pop, and sparkling soul.”

Currently, Pecas is writing the follow up to After Dark and performing in and around New York. Pecas will embark on a Southeastern US tour in January 2019.