Photo Credit: Matt Allen

Photo Credit: Matt Allen

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Pecas began as the bedroom pop project of multi-instrumentalist, Sandy Davis. Born in Madrid, Spain, Davis moved to New York at a young age and adopted a first generation mentality -- that of living in two worlds but belonging fully to neither.

Pecas plays with the subtleties of identity and desire in an off-brand pop that draws inspiration from post-disco and r&b. Davis’ soulful and seductive vocals are at the forefront of Pecas’ evolving sound, combining synths, drum machines, and vocal effects, with more organic elements, such as saxophone, during live performances.

In 2018 pecas released her first EP “After Dark” via Brooklyn-based label Broken Circles, and followed that up in February 2019 with a single, “T-Shirt.” Gorilla vs Bear premiered the "T-Shirt" music video, hosted by David Dean Burkhart, recommending it to "fans of TOPS, Mr Twin Sister, and the sumptuous, silky-smooth sounds of classic ’80s r&b." The song was also featured by Spotify's All New Indie, Fresh Finds, NPR Music's New Music Friday, and SiriusXMU.





An ethereal but just vaguely creepy vibe that walks a fine line between seductive and playfully sinister.” - Gorilla vs Bear

"A silky sound infusing flavours from jazz, funk, indie, pop, and sparkling soul that's both nostalgic and refreshingly modern." - The Life Of Best Fit

"A sultry brand of dream pop that takes on a strange, otherworldly shimmer." - Various Small Flames

"Rarely is an artist able to evoke the spirit of “night time” in a way that encapsulates all its mysterious, ethereal, and melancholic characteristics." - The Deli