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Parrot Dream is a Chilean-North American dream pop foursome based in Brooklyn, New York. Formed at the end of 2013 in Santiago, Chile, the band now calls NYC home, performing regularly in Brooklyn and Manhattan between touring. On August 24th, 2018 they released their debut full-length, Light Goes, via Good Eye Records.

The album was written over a span of two years and touches on themes of connection, love, memories and clarity. The driving title track immediately pulls you into the lush world of Light Goes as Appel’s hypnotic synths and wistful vocals meet Guerrero’s incendiary guitars sparking a fire that burns throughout the LP. Oscillating between uplifting and elegiac, Parrot Dream draw you in to wade in deep, kaleidoscopic pools of sound as they build up towering, crystalline crescendos.





"[D]ream-psych rockers Parrot Dream have been shaping a sound that blends their myriad experiences into something otherworldly." - Impose

"Light Goes is a fully realized album experience set to accompany and enhance whatever mood you may want to indulge and lose yourself in." - New Noise Magazine

"Sporting a lush, shoegazey pop sound that’s only too perfect for their New York dwellings, Parrot Dream are definitely a product of their times – in a very good way." - Atwood Magazine

“With their new video, “Jungle,” Parrot Dream captures the feeling of something new and fresh, but with the familiar backbone of pop-sensibility we all know and love” - Pancakes And Whiskey

"Their debut EP, Set Sail Someday, is as hopeful as its title suggests, with Guerrero’s sprightly guitar keeping the songs moving along at a brisk clip." - Village Voice

“Parrot Dream has released a woozy and leisurely yet deceptively complex single entitled “Come Home” - PopStache

[On “Come Home” video] “The visuals work well with the song's isolated / isolating feel and dream-pop sound, but of the whole composition it's a brain-meltingly wonderful chorus that wins the day.” - Record Rewind Play UK