III Points Festival 2019: 5 Acts We're Most Excited to See

We are happy to announce Cigar City Radio will be heading to III Points in Miami, FL this year, Feb 15th-17th! It features a multitude of critically acclaimed and revered electronic acts as well as a venerable lineup of indie artists. Past headliners have included Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, The xx, and Thievery Corporation, and this year is no less impressive.

2019 brings a change in date, as this marks the first year the festival has moved from mid-October to Valentine’s Day weekend, as well as sporting a more R&B and hip-hop leaning lineup. Headliners this year include A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, SZA, and even veteran artists like Herbie Hancock and Beach House. There will be a multitude of art installations and activations to engage with throughout the festival, not to mention the amazing food options. One of the best things about III Points, however, has always been their deeper lineup of enigmatic, underground, and über-talented producers and DJs alike, coming from all corners of the world. Here are some of those acts we are most excited to see at III Points this year. If this piques your interest, be sure to check out more about the festival and buy tickets here: http://iiipoints.com/


TIM HECKER is an ambient mastermind who traffics in dense, detailed compositions that are at times as impenetrable as the fog that envelopes his live shows. His latest release, 2018’s Konoyo, features a focus on traditional Japanese instruments. It was recorded “in Japan in collaboration with Tokyo Gakuso, an ensemble that plays the country’s traditional gagaku music.“ While the general vibe translates to anxiety-driven drones and atmospheres, Hecker’s discography is not always as harrowing, such as his gorgeous 2016 record Love Streams. However, his set at III Points this year features performances with the Konoyo Ensemble, which includes experimental Canadian composer Kara-Lis Coverdale, presumably playing the entirety of Konoyo, so strap in for a set that is equal parts bewildering and beautiful.


YAEJI is an electronic producer and vocalist based in Brooklyn, NY, real name Kathy Lee. She is known for her seductive club bangers, which occasionally feature vocals from Lee herself that are usually sung in a hybrid of Korean and English. Her breakthrough EP2, which was released November 2017, contained several songs which went viral that year, including her sultry, nighttime single “Drink I’m Sipping On”, propelled by the intoxicating energy of its music video, as well as her remix of Drake’s smash hit “Passionfruit”, which Lee also sang on. Putting her unique spin on house music, Yaeji deserves your attention, so be sure to show up when she takes the stage this Saturday on the main stage.


DEAN BLUNT may be the most mysterious and compelling name on the III Points lineup this year. Blunt has a reputation for being unpredictable and insanely compelling. His biggest “hit” came in the form of 2011’s “The Narcissist”, which was recorded under the name Hype Williams, a duo formed alongside Inga Copeland. His deadpan, borderline tonedeaf vocals simultaneously stick out and feel right at home on each release, including his critically acclaimed 2014 record Black Metal, which naturally features no black metal whatsoever, but rather an eclectic mix of moody indie rock and left-field electronica. Blunt has since recorded an album under a new alias, Babyfather, back in 2016, and dropped an EP with frequent collaborator Joanne Robertson, Wahalla, in late 2017. As far what his live set will consist of, or if he will play any of the previously mentioned material? We have no idea, which has us very excited.


JOHN MAUS is making music that is often defined as “outsider pop” and “goth pop“, and is both friends and sonically similar to fellow pop oddball Ariel Pink. After the critical acclaim of 2011’s We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, Maus went back to school rather than follow up his most well-received record, getting a BA in Music Composition from CalArts and a PhD in Political Science from the University from Hawaii. Now, with a spate of new albums recently released, 2017’s Screen Memories and 2018’s Addendum, Maus plans to school the III Points crowd on how to create engaging synth pop and darkwave while keeping your creativity and unique vision intact. Seemingly moving on from his “one-man "karaoke shows" in which he sang over prerecorded music,“ seeing Maus live for the first time in almost a decade is something most fans should jump at.


KELSEY LU is a name some may not recognize, but have most certainly heard. She keeps excellent company, lending her heavenly vocal talents to the last two records from UK synth pop act Blood Orange (another excellent artist performing at III Points this year), 2016’s Freetown Sound and 2018’s Negro Swan, and contributed keyboards to the latest Oneohtrix Point Never record, Age Of, as well as cello on new records from Florence & The Machine, Wet, and Kelela to name a few. Her own works are equally enticing, with mystical qualities, reaching emotional heights few artists today can reach. It goes without saying that if you value hauntingly beautiful music, Kelsey Lu’s performance will be one you’ll be talking about long after she leaves the stage on Saturday.