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What is Cigar City MGMT?

Cigar City Management is a boutique artist management company and record label started in Tampa, FL.

We work with a diverse range of talented artists, bands,  musicians and writers from all over the country. We assist our talent with a variety of services, including Marketing, Promotions, Web Development, Graphic Design, Photo, Film, Recording, Booking, Touring, and Merchandising. 


What else does Cigar City MGMT do?

Funny you should ask. Cigar City MGMT hosts a weekly podcast called Cigar City Radio.

We also distribute music through our own label, including releases from:

Adam Shoemaker

Ecstatic Union

Eirik Hutchinson

Ethan E



Julia Powell

Kick & Casonka

Mama’s Batch

Sonny Pursall



Time Robb

Tommy Luck



How do I keep up with all the awesomeness from Cigar City MGMT?

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Can we contact you?

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Sending Music? No attachments, please. We won't open them. No EPKs, Press Kits, or anything like that. Send us a short bio and description, links to your social media, and a link to where we can stream your music.