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Fruit & Flowers are one of the most active bands in the NYC area, and have been deemed one of "NYC's Hardest Working Bands" by Oh My Rockness. Fruit & Flowers' exuberant, electric performances draw a local following. Ana Becker's angular, expressive guitar style and Lyzi Wakefield's gritty rhythmic backbone merge a post-punk heaviness with psychedelic warmth. Committed and charismatic front woman Caroline Yoder summons a fervent energy, surrounded by distinct, warm and refreshing three part harmonies, the bedrock of Fruit and Flowers' sound.

Conceived in a Bushwick loft with broken AC during the summer of 2015 by Caroline on bass and Shaw Walters on drums, the band was soon joined by Lyzi Wakefield and Ana Becker on guitars and vocals. The band agreed to play its first show at Northside festival just weeks after formation and wrote the record in a furious fit of hot nights and inspired mornings. The band became fully realized when Shaw handed the role of drummer to Jose Berrio (drummer-cum-art director), whose inimitable style elevates the strong rhythmic character of the band.

Drug Tax was born out of necessity, capturing the grit and rush of New York City summer and the newfound chemistry between the bandmates. Weaving together the perspectives and expressions of the band's multiple songwriters, Drug Tax unfolds to present the unique and varied voice of Fruit & Flowers. Lead single "Out Of Touch" is about the ennui of a missed love opportunity, with soaring, sultry vocals, beachy surf rock riffs and fuzzy bass. Album tracks range from the sultry moody and beautiful "Dark Surf" to the post-gothic title track "Drug Tax." 





"Surf rock with a side of gloom, Drug Tax is the perfect record for warring with sticky subway seats (“Subway Surfer”) hanging at the beach under a black umbrella (“Dark Surf”) and just generally sweating out the summer sans AC (“Pick Fairy”)." - TIDAL

“Subway Surfer” is a straight up punk stomper." - She Shreds

"If you go to a lot of DIY-ish shows in NYC chances are you’ve seen Fruit & Flowers, one of the hardest working new bands of the moment, making super-catchy indie rock." - Brooklyn Vegan

"...the perfect soundtrack for slowly slinking through NYC's July haze, while possibly spotting a UFO over the Manhattan skyline." - Bandsintown

“Think swirls meets riffs meets all the feels” - OhMyRockness

“Fruit & Flowers are the kind of band, that back in the day, I would have stayed up all night to catch them on MTV’s 120 Minutes or I would have called in to request them on the Video Jukebox Channel” - CoolDad Music

“Their performance highlighted angelic harmonies punctuated by rock heavy guitar licks and nimble progressions.” - PhillyVoice

“They harmonize perfectly and felt reminiscent of 80’s heroes The Bangles while also occasionally throwing in a post-punk-ish quasi-Riot Girl vibe” - RiotNerd