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Ethan Evans grew up playing cello for 12 years, coming from a family of classical musicians, who spend Thanksgiving and Passover evenings sight-reading quartets and sonatas. Ethan says, "Mastering the cello means loving patience and classical music, which I did not. However, my life intertwines with music like a shoelace to a shoe. In my early teens I began songwriting, recording, and learning new instruments. Now I can make music that better identifies me."

His debut album, 10 Eagle St., comes from the belief that identity can tie into location (in Ethan's case, Upstate New York). The sounds not only represent the instruments, but also bottle up whatever essence comes from driving through Hudson Valley landscapes, and walking the streets of Hudson.  


Ethan E - Saved (Single)


Ethan E - 10 Eagle Street (EP)