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Death Hags is the multifaceted project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean. Taking inspiration from artists and producers like Brian Eno or Björk who forge their own musical path, the music of Death Hags travels between worlds, mixing French and English lyrics, catchy melodies and guitar riffs with minimal electronic sounds.

Born in the French Alps, Lola lives mostly as a recluse in the hills of East Los Angeles and records a lot of her material in her home studio. On stage Death Hags can take many forms, from solo electronic sets to full band performances.

Following a first single “Metal Teeth” released on Burger Records, a European tour and performances at SXSW 2018 as an official artist, Death Hags released her next single “Earthbound” in Fall 2018 and will release a 12” EP in 2019. She is currently working on a multimedia project and collaborating on tracks with Hunter Burgan of AFI.


"There’s a certain ‘doom’ element to this track, fueled by a palpable feminine and feminist rage that speaks, only too perfectly I think, to the times." - Atwood Magazine

"There's just enough prettiness in her vocals to soothe savage beasts, but Lola's venom comes through and wreaks plenty of wonderful havoc." - Fuzzy Logic

“Death Hags is what all Sonic Youth fans have been waiting for since the 90’s.” - IndieBerlin