About Cigar City Management

Cigar City Management is a boutique management company started in Tampa, FL.

We work with a diverse range of talented artists, bands,  musicians and writers from all over the country. We assist our talent with a variety of services, including Marketing, Promotions, Web Development, Graphic Design, Photo, Film, Recording, Booking, Touring, and Merchandising. 

We also host the occasional show.

Cigar City Management is committed to the long-term career goals of our talent.

Every artist is unique and we tailor our approach to suit their own needs and goals.


Co-Founder/CEO: Randy Ojeda

Co-Founder/CFO: Jason Solanes

Licensing Coordinator: Michelle Soto

Social Marketing Intern: Chris Cann

Tour Marketing Intern: Kasia Kaszkowiak

To learn more, to work with us or our bands, or to send a demo, resume, or reel:


We also accept submissions via our Label Services page.

Music Submissions: No attachments, please. We won't open them. No EPKs, Press Kits, or anything like that. Send us a short bio and description, links to your social media, and a link where we can stream your music.

We prefer Spotify, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud links.

We really do our best to listen to everything that comes through our inbox. If we like what we hear, we'll be in touch. 

If you don't hear from us right away, then follow us on social media. Come to our shows and engage with us. If you're doing something cool, we'll take notice. 


Our approach is simple: Music Should Be Good.

Not just good to your ears, but good to fans and good to the world.

We support acts who believe in that approach, who support their community and social justice in unique and artistic ways.

Work hard, be sincere, and success will come. It's that simple.

Music Should Be Good.